Aoi & Visual Kei
 ---Did you experience something like a culture shock when you started playing in a Visual Kei band?
Aoi:  First we talked about putting on makeup. "I'm fine with it, but who's gonna put it on me?" (laughs) But then I thought "Whatever, I'll do it myself", so I went to a 100-Yen-shop and grabbed myself some cosmetics. Me and that young lady practiced putting on makeup together (laughs). And while at it, her husband would be giggling at me (laughs). The place we did a live for the first time was near hide's museum in Yokosuka. After that we often played in Tsurumi-ward. Which reminds me, that's around the time I finally got accustomed to Visual Kei. When we were playing in Tsurumi, there was a band that would destroy its drumset. I thought "Visual Kei is damn scaryyyy!" (laughs). In other genres there are generally no bands that do such things, right? "Visual Kei is a dangerous world", that's the first thing I thought back then.
"RT: If you can date someone from the GazettE who would it be?
Aoi: I’d rather bite my tongue and die (*´ω`*)"
-(Trans by: Hakitaruntrans | Twitter)
"Kai is an idiot, for reallll. The Bento I was looking forward to having at the Hotel, he stole it and gulped it all down!! Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I’m making him kneel on the ground make his arse go ‘owww’ with all that it’s worth. If I get angry even the Devil Ruler of Hell weeps and apologizes to me—-I’ll teach him that. Oops. Dirty words from me, unconsciously… ."
-Aoi on Twitter 2011